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"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.."

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Till We Meet Again

fudgeToday I would say has been the hardest day I've had. Today my wife and I had to let our beloved "Punchin" go, she will now be free of pain and discomfort. She was the rock for my wife and me, she brought happiness and love to everyone that has met her and we will greatly miss her. She has been with my wife since she was 8 weeks old and been through so much with my wife and accepted me into her world 7 years ago. I grew extremely attached to her more then any I have been around before. Fudge Powers Manuel was strong and loved life to the fullest until her last days. She was diagnosed with severe brain cancer about a year ago, but with her fighting spirit and my wife's help, she gave us another year after we found out. My wife is an excellent vet and fought for her for a longer life which she did; but was unable to go any longer. "To my girl" this is not good by my darling; but see you later. You have been your mom's rock and mine, and we will miss you so very much. You are at peace and at a better place and we can't wait "till we meet again".

Love Dad

Happy New Year all you Cats!

 To All you Fat Cats . . . 

My Green Feathered Friend

I had a green parakeet named Mitsugi. I had never intended to keep him but my grandmother gave him to me. She said she had him and another 2 parakeets for 4 years now. So, i took the 3 parakeets in and took care of them. At first, I hated how loud they were in the morning but I grew too attached to them, spoiling them with a huge cage and playstand. A year later, I came home one day and saw that I only saw 2 of my parakeets from where I stood.

I looked everywhere for him. Upstairs and downstairs (because I let them out occasionally and thought I forgot to put him in the cage). He was no where to be found. Sighing, I went back near the cage and almost jolted. I saw him lying on his back at the cage floor. His eyes giving me a haunting look. I sobbed as I picked up his dead body and held him, just to make sure he wasn't messing with me.

After burying Mitsugi in the backyard, I kept sobbing for a while. Who would have thought that such a small bird would make me cry so hard? We have only known each other for a year and he's felt like a close friend.

Rest In Peace Mitsugi