Pets Are Not Our Whole Lives,
But They Make Our Lives Whole!

A Profound Loss

Loyal Pet Loss empathizes with you when a loved pet passes. This is why we created Loyal Pet Loss decorative plaques. Nothing can take the place of our pets. There are no words to truly describe how we feel for our beloved pets. One of the greatest gifts of life is having a best friend who bestows unconditional love, affection, and attention onto you. We understand this profound bond between pet and owner.

Commemorate a Glorious Life

Losing a pet can be devastating. The mourning process is difficult but different for everyone. Our mission here at Loyal Pet Loss is to commemorate the life of your pet in a tasteful, joyous way. As pet owners ourselves, we sympathize with the large impact a loss can have on a person or a family. We take great pride in making celebratory pieces so you can fondly be reminded of your pet. Our loved ones may be gone in body but are never gone in spirit.

Remembering the Good Times

Loyal Pet Loss wants to celebrate your pet by framing the beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones together. The recollection of the times you spent with your pet can be honored with beautiful portraits. Gather some photographs and adorn your walls with your happy memories together.

Always a Good Time for a Celebration

And of course, our services are not just for our little loved ones that we’ve lost. There is no need to wait to make your tribute. Our current pets make perfect little objects of inspiration! Any moment can be captured and beautifully remembered.

Individual Creation

Our frames come in a variety of colors and materials. Using the interactive website, you can custom make your own frame with your own tastes. Colors, textures, and placements can be determined by you. And of course specifications can be given upon request. We’re also happy to print and place your photos in your new frame for you!

Your Family Will Love This Wonderful Keepsake
of Your Beloved Pet!

  • Remembering the happy times you shared with your companion can help while you grieve
  • A way to help the healing process begin
  • The perfect gift to show a friend you care and understand their loss
  • A tribute to the companion you still share your life with today

We GUARANTEE your Pet Memorial Frame for 100% satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will replace your order at no cost to you (including shipping) or return your frame to us for a full refund (again, including all shipping). We are so sure you will truly love your Pet Memorial Frame that there is virtually nothing we won’t do to make you happy.


You don’t need to wait until you no longer have your Family Friend. Order a keepsake frame with mat now before they have passed on and enjoy their cute faces today as a beautiful piece of Wall Art!

Our Prices are far below the market rate. Order today for the low price of$74 for a 12×12 frame or $86 for the 16×16 frame.